Gardner Denver Model 15-W Rotary Rig on Crane Carrier

GD 15-W rotary rig on a GD crane carrier
engine is a 400 hp. Cummins 855
Draw works is side by side double drum
mast capable of handling 60,000 LBS.
GD mud pump FD-FXX 5-1/2 x 8
air compressor is a 6 jug GD WE
280 psi-400 cfm natural aspirated 600 with blower
8 inch retractable rotary table
swivel is a 32GA
15 gpm bean injection pump
Onan light plant
pipe slide mounted on passenger side of truck
chain feed pull down
rated at 35,000 psi
hydraulic breakout cylinder .

slips & bowls
spare engine ,cooling pack ,transmission
drill pipe